South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia for Streets Beach (a Man Made Lagoon)

Paris, France
good vibes only.

Streets Beach is so cool. It’s trippy to see this lagoon – which looks like something on a hidden island from Peter Pan – just sitting in the middle of the city.

Swimming in this area outside of the man-made beaches is a bit…unsavoury. The water in Brisbane River is not exactly an inviting colour. Streets Beach, however, is like an overgrown trendy resort pool, with understated coloured backlights, sub tropical plants, and plenty of soft, white sand.

I came into town to help a good friend move and stayed an extra couple of days. I had some time to kill while she was working, so I popped on my bathing suit and sandals, grabbed a magazine, and took the train over to Streets. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was very under-crowded. I quickly claimed my patch of sand, lathered on the sunblock (ugh, ghostly white French skin) and settled in for a read. Before I knew it, three hours had passed. I had such a brilliant time there that I suggested a night dip after my gal pal and I had dinner! It was even prettier at night, with the skyline and the glittering river on the horizon.

Can’t wait to go back. : )

Insider Tip

I hear that one shouldn’t even bother trying to visit on a sunny Saturday – too crowded. I also noticed that parking is very expensive. Try to avoid needing to park, if you can.

Where I stayed / started

Streets Beach

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