South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States for Northern California’s hidden gem

Living in the city I will get the occasional need to get out into nature and break away from towering buildings and the bustle of life. When I feel this way I head north to the beautiful Lake Tahoe.
Tahoe has many things to offer both in the summer and winter seasons. In the summer you have many events and festivals to attend as well as the outdoors to explore. In summer,on the other hand, I usually go hiking on the trails or take a paddleboat out onto the lake.The scenery is a welcome change from what I find in the city and it is out in nature I can really unwind and relax.
Tahoe in winter means snow, and lots of it. The ski slopes open up and the day becomes all about shredding powder on the mountains. After enjoying the snow, I am quite happy to return to where I am staying to warm up. This usually entails wrapping up in blankets and sipping on hot chocolate. One of my favourite things to do while warming up is also reading a book or watching a television show and really relax. However,if you are planning to be driving, please be careful! In the winter months the roads become slick with ice and accidents are more likely.
The cool fresh air and beautiful landscape make Lake Tahoe the perfect summer or winter retreat from the big city. There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep me occupied and help me reconnect with nature.

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If you visit South Lake Tahoe in the winter months, please be careful as the roads become slick with ice and accidents are more likely!

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South Lake Tahoe

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