Collection Sponsorship: Benefits & Pricing


What Does JRRNY Offer When You Become a Sponsor?

Customizable Branding. You can provide a custom banner photo for the top of your Collection page, as well as a logo and blurb about your company for the footer of the page. (We’ll even write the footer copy for you, if you’d like!)

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Header example

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Footer Example

Extra Content.

  • You can provide up to 3 pieces of video content, which we will feature on your Collection page.
  • You can provide up to 2 pieces of editorial content (long- or short-form), which we will feature on your Collection page. If you’d prefer, you can give us the outline and any relevant details, we’ll create the editorial content for you.

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  • Deals & Coupon Codes: you can provide details for deals or coupon codes related to your brand or organization, and we will feature them at the footer of your Collection page.
  • All Eyes on You: guaranteed 10,000 unique views per month

What Does It Cost?

$1,499.00 per year OR $199.00 per month*

Sign Up Now  OR contact with any questions.

*3 month minimum


What is a JRRNY?

A JRRNY is a user’s account of an experience they’ve had. They might talk about a killer hike in the Andes or a staycation at a local B&B, then provide tips for other travelers who might be interested in the same experience.

View the page here:

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What is a Collection?

A Collection is a grouping of JRRNYs, thoughtfully curated according to either location or activity. With Collections, we provide a “one stop shop” for travelers who are interested in more specific experiences. (i.e., “I’m going to Italy – what do I need to see while I’m there?”)

View the page here:

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Why Sponsor a Collection?

Since users who visit the Collections are looking for specific information, they are a captive audience for sponsoring brands. For example, a visitor to our Worldwide Brews Collection is undoubtably a beer enthusiast. A company that makes portable, pressurized kegs would benefit from sponsoring this collection, because visitors to this page are part of their demographic.


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