St Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa for a Safari on Horseback

Although I love being out in nature, I had never thought about going on safari until my trip to South Africa. I was already planning to spend time in St. Lucia and one of the locals mentioned Bhangazi Horse Safaris. At first, I thought maybe I had learned something new about South Africa. (It’s home to a lot of wild horses?) He explained that instead of being trapped in a little jail-like safari vehicle, you get to really become one with nature, exploring all of the beauty that the beach and reserve have to offer.

Being that the South African Rand stacks up pretty favourably to USD, I sprang for BHS’s longest offering: a 2 and a half hour beach and game ride for just $56 USD. My guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and the animals, but even more important, she was one of the most peaceful human beings I think I’ve ever met. (I think living in St. Lucia and being paid to lead safaris on horseback can do that to a person.)

We started on the beach, which was nearly empty. The sand and ocean shifted gently with the wind as we meandered slowly down the beach. Then we entered the reserve. My guide explained that she treats the reserve as a huge corral for her horses, so when they’re not hauling safari-goers, they’re mingling with the wildlife. That explains why the game never seemed spooked by the horses, or vice versa! It wasn’t even three minutes before I saw little packs of warthogs springing around, paying us no mind. As we rode, I saw wildebeest, zebras, impalas, and more. It was truly incredible to see all of these animals, free to live in their natural habitat.

The safari ended at a wetlands park and my guide drove me back to the beach where I retrieved my car and wondered how I’d ever go back to city life.

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St. Lucia is an incredible place. It’s sort of a sleepy town, but there is SO much to do. If nothing else, I could have lounged on that beach for three days straight.

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