Statue of Liberty for Watching The Best Monuments In History

My next destination of Newyork adventure.
I am still at the same hotel here. Looking for some adventurous place where I can find some real cruise experience. So in the next day, having my breakfast I got bored and don’t know where to visit next. Suddenly I remember I have forgotten about the statue of liberty. The most amazing monuments in history. One of the wonders of visitors attraction.

Anyway, very quickly I take a quick shower and get myself ready for the next NewYork Adventure. I made a plan for viewing the statute from some differents angel. In the way to the destination, I surf the net for getting more information and facility I can get by visiting this place. From the net, I find out that this place has several ferries and helicopter tour what we can enjoy. So I bought two tickets one for a ferry and another for helicopter tour for enjoying the top and the bottom view of the river nearby.

At first, I take the helicopter tour. It’s just amazing. My very first helicopter tour what I enjoyed a lot. The wind and mind of the air make the environments for enjoyable and entertaining. I see the crown of the staute from very close distance. Apart from that the tour guide takes us to a 45 min ride where we see almost the whole Newyork. You can say that it is some kind of tour summery. The central park and time square also looks so fantastic from the top.

Next, I take the ferry trip and you know what it is an amazing experience. From the river it has more beatiful view than the top heicopter view what I recently have. Maybe it was the dark effects what made it even more attractive. As I take the ferry at night. It looks excellent. The blue water where you can see the clean sky and the statue also looks fantastic at any view.

Insider Tip

Take both ferry and helicopter trip for enjoying this events a lot more.

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