Stockholm, Sweden for The Vasa Museum (Sunken Ship)

Sunken Ship from the 17th century is a unique art treasure, that is masterfully preserved with 95 percent of its original structure. For me this ship is top tourist highlight of Stockholm. It amazes not only the history lovers but also a masterpiece for art lovers. Ship is exceptionally decorated with hundreds of beautifully carved sculptures. I enjoyed a lot sinking in history and art within this museum.
In 1628, Vasa a 69 meter long warship sank on its maiden voyage in the middle of Stockholm, sailing just over 1300m. The ship remained in water for 333 years and was discovered by Anders FranzEn and salvaged in 1961.
Vasa museum offers guided tours in English, so you can enjoy fascinating exhibitions and listen to the detailed story of sinking battleship. This guided tour story will take you back to the history, and you’ll feel yourself roaming in that era. Here you learn about prospective reasons of why ship sank, its restoration process, salvage of ship and much more.
The museum displays ten different exhibitions that feature historical facts, life on board of the ship, and salvage story of the warship. “Meanwhile” named exhibition showcase treasures found in Skokloster Castle, “The Salvaging” presents the complete story of Vasa Savage from the year between 1956-1961, “Preserve Vasa” tells about Vasa’s restoration, are some of the exhibitions presented at the museum.
The museum takes no admission fee from children’s up to 18 years of age.

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