Sun Valley, ID for a Snowy Family Getaway

Everyone in the family works a lot, so we don’t get the chance to take vacations like we did when my kids were small (my oldest is 27 and my youngest 21). We had all been itching for a little road trip, though. As we were talking about it, my oldest daughter mentioned that she has a pretty close working relationship with the folks at Sun Valley and that she’d see what she might be able to work out. She was able to pull a couple of strings to get us some lift tickets and reservations to stay. This was especially fortunate since it was the holiday season. The dates around their tree lighting ceremony tend to sell out fast. I was also happy to know that they have two mountains for snow sports. I hadn’t skied in years, but I always was fond of it “back in the day,” as they say. I was excited to show my youngest the ropes. (The oldest is definitely more of a lodge gal, like her mama.) We hit the mountain the very first whole day we were there.

It was December, and it was COLD – about 8 degrees when we went up, and never got above 25. But we had all our proper gear, rented some skis and poles for my daughter (these were a little pricier than normal because we were there during peak season), and headed up Dollar Mountain. We spent all day up there, and she took to it like a natural. We were even able to graduate to more advanced hills by the afternoon.

After a long day on the slopes, we headed back to wash up and went to dinner at Bald Mountain Pizza & Pasta. Great pizza! We made friends with a family at an adjacent table, and we invited them to our cottage to play some games and enjoy some holiday beer we brought along ourselves. (My daughter also has connections to the folks at Growler Werks, and let me tell you, their uKeg is a nifty little travel accessory.) We spent day two back on the slopes (even got the other half of the family out there), with our new friends.

Days three and four, we went ice skating, caught the tree lighting ceremony, drank a lot of hot chocolate, my wife made time for a massage (which she said was great), and my daughters did plenty of shopping. It was a great trip.

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Sun Valley Resort

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