Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea for Samsung Innovation Museum

For all those technology-enthusiast who are interested to see what’s the future of the game or if you simply like to be ahead of the curve when it comes to your favorite devices and gadgets, then Samsung Innovation Museum is just the right place for you.

Located in the city of Suwon, a couple of hours south from Seoul, Samsung Innovation Museum hosts a variety of interesting items displaying the past, present and future of technology and their brand. We had book a guided tour, so we were taken step by step through the history of the company and its products, starting even from the invention of electricity. The story was accompanied with some cool effects provided by various gadgets that were on the display, making the journey more interesting to us visitors. We then proceeded to the showroom where we could look and feel the newest Samsung product which at the time still weren’t placed on the market, including a migraine-inducing ultra-HD curved TV, new laptop models and various other things. Finally, we were taken into a small screening room where the guide played us a short movie that visualized the future of an ordinary family in a setting fully equipped with Samsung product, from reader of vital functions to a hologram that recreates past memories. Amazing or slightly terrifying, depending on who you ask! All in all, certainly a valuable experience.

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