Sydney, Australia for a Ghoulish Sleepover at Quarantine Station

Absolutely brilliant. Quarantine Station was used as just that – a way to isolate people with fatal diseases from the rest of the Australian population – from the early 1800s all the way into the 1980s. It’s said that over 500 people died there, which makes it the perfect place for running into all manner of ghostly beings – or at least listening to some really great stories.

There are various levels of ghost tours conducted by Q Station, but my gal pal Lora and I decided to spring for the late night tour and Ghostly Sleepover. We set out with our guide, a true paranormal investigator, who taught us how ghost hunting equipment works (looked nothing like Ghostbusters, by the way). I view ghosts like I view Santa Claus – clearly imaginary, but fun to pretend. This allowed me to keep my mind open to the whole experience and just have fun. There were a couple of different instances that were hard to logically explain away, but nothing too extreme. It was great to get a dose of the history of the place combined with some hair raising ghost stories.

When the tour was over, Lora and I settled into bed – bunk beds, but actually fairly comfortable. The $125 that we paid each bought us the tour, evening tea and a snack, accommodations, and breakfast the next morning. Not too shabby for such fun!

Insider Tip

There are age limits on the tours. Most require guests to be 18 or over. There is one that is more of a history tour. The age limit for that one is 15.

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