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Sydney, Australia for Working Holiday

Constantly dealing with the internal struggle of making my dreams come true and seeing every bit of the world, a serious problem at times, and stubbornness of a child only a mother could love. I decided I had to get out for awhile.

It wasn’t planned and definitely should have been planned better. When traveling on a budget that is. But, I could not resist. I decided to make Wake Up Sydney Hostel ( home for the month and to get a working desk at WeCo Sydney. This was a pretty inexpensive way to get away, still make money, and enjoy Sydney the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

The desk at WeCo ended up being $500 for the month. Which is not bad, that is full access for a month 5 days a week and some meeting room time. This really helped me keep some work/life balance and forced me to stay motivated and efficient during the time that I had. This worked out to my advantage, I was able to plan out my weeks while I was there and almost live life on the same schedule as my new friends. This made in convenient to be able to catch rides to go sightseeing, experiencing the night life, and having friends to explore with. It changed my perspective on how I would like to travel in the future.

I think the best part is, I was making money while traveling and it still felt like a mild vacation!

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