Szeged, Hungary for Salami and Spas

Most people from South East and Central Europe know the Hungarian town of Szeged for its reputation for being a shopper’s paradise, but this lovely town has so much more to offer. As the fourth largest town in Hungary and a major university center, we knew Szeged was going to be more than just shopping malls and summer sales.

First of all, the architecture is just amazing. It might not stun you as much as Budapest, but it’s pretty impressive regardless. From the gorgeous Dom Square and its wonderful summer open-air festivals, to the breathtaking Szeged Synagogue and the neo-classical style of the Mora Ferenc Museum. I also especially liked the Botanical Garden, that looked almost untouched and so peaceful that it was no wonder so many of the students who are attending university in Szeged chose this very spot for their exam preparation. For meat-eaters, the fact that Szeged has a salami museum (of all things!) might be interesting, too. And of course, a visit to Hungary wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a spa, and Szeged has a great one – Anna Furdo, located across the street form the Reformed Church. As for night time, seeing as Szeged is a student town, you can rest assured fun can be found at every corner.

Insider Tip

Great thing about Anna Furdo spa is that you can actually leave and come back – they give you a bracelet that lets you in the spa for the day.

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Lotus Hostel

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