Take a Bite: Iconic Eateries of Seattle

Take a Bite: Iconic Eateries of Seattle

Seattle is a foodie’s paradise. With such exceptional diversity, and so many highly creative and qualified culinary craftspeople, one could spend weeks hopping from eatery to eatery, and still never cover them all. With the Take a Bite project, JRRNY aims to shine a spotlight on five Emerald City eateries that exemplify the Seattle standard, and you could be featured. Interested? Read on for more!

Who Is JRRNY, Anyway?

JRRNY is an online social travel journal, which connects thousands of nomads from around the world, and gives them a place to share inspiring and informative stories about their experiences. With a broad range of contributors – from the John or Jane Doe who just quit their job to pursue a life on the road, to the seasoned travel influencer – we aim to encourage and inspire everyone to get out there, and then share their JRRNY with the world.

How Does Take a Bite Work?

So glad you asked! Take a Bite is a video-based project, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


  1. Getting to Know You. How long have you been around? Who are you? Are there any fun facts or stories you’d like to share with our audience? Do you want to highlight any menu items? The basics.
  2. Shooting. We’ll agree on a day that works best, and our small production team will come to the establishment to capture and highlight the elements that you – and we – love most.
  3. Production. We’ll put together the video. It will be released and distributed in the middle of May.


What Do You Get?

75k media impressions
(6) months of video distribution
(1) themed video + 1 article
(1) dedicated newsletter, sent to 10k subscribers


How Long Do You Have to Decide?

We will be spreading this opportunity to dozens of local restaurants, starting April 10th. We will select five features by April 27th, and will begin shooting in the first week of May.


How Much Does It Cost?