Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica for Villareal Fiesta

Located only 5 minutes from Tamarindo is Villareal where they host one of the many series of fiestas that take place in the different towns of Guanacaste (region of Costa Rica containing Tamarindo and Villareal). The whole point of these fiestas is to honor the patron saint of the town and raise money for the locals. Fiestas are normally held on the town soccer field, where a bullring is built for the occasion if the community does not have a permanent one. The one in Villareal takes place on March 19th-24th, which is also a great time to visit the country because it is at the end of the dry season. You do not want to visit during the rainy season if you are envisioning sunny tropical days because all you will be met with is rain like you have never seen. Any way, these multiple day fiestas include a rodeo where anyone can sign up to ride a bull all while it is more than accepted to enter the ring and taunt the bull once it has bucked off its drunken rider. The beer is cheap, the food is out of this world amazing and everything costs money, including using the restroom. It’s for a great though so don’t be a tightwad and definitely try to look up where the fiesta is taking place during your stay and go!

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