Taos, NM for Mountain Serenity

Opened in 1931 this historic hotel has amazing views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. I wanted some peace and quiet away from the city, a feeling of serenity and somewhat going back in time. I figured that the Sagebrush Inn in Taos was the best fit. I booked my room and headed to Taos. I spent my stay walking through the scenic grounds of patios and courtyards. I swam in the outdoor pool and used the hot tubs at night with a stunning view of the open mountain sky. Visiting in the winter time would make for a very convenient and stunning way to experience the skiing and snowboarding right in the Taos Ski Valley. I enjoyed the cantina as well. It is open to the public and stays very busy. The food was delicious with the New Mexican style that is so famously known. I tried the Green Chili Chicken Alfredo, which sounds like an interesting flavor combination but if there is one thing that is always amazing when visiting New Mexico its trying anything and everything that they decide to make with green chili because it will more than likely be delicious!

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Sagebrush Inn


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