Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel for The Best Local and Tourist Restaurants/Attractions in Israel

Israel holds a special place in my heart and would love to share great tips on where to visit and eat!

When visiting Israel, Tel Aviv is a must! It is the city that never sleeps and has the most action! 🙂

Tel Aviv:

Shuk HaCarmel: The outdoor bazaar filled with amazing street food, fresh juices and fresh pomegranate juice called rimon in Hebrew. The Carmel Market is in between Allenby Street to the north and HaKovshim Park to the south and is open Sunday to Thursday from 8 a.m. until sundown and Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bargaining is a definite must when shopping here! Friday is the busiest day to go because of Shabbat but it is a must if you fancy art because they have an artist market only only Fridays. This market has an array of spices, fruits, vegetables, pastries (make sure you try the rugelach),souvenirs, jewelry, appliances, etc. The quality of the goods is not the best, but it is more for the experience with Hebrew music playing and Israeli men yelling.

Lunch Spots:

Hummus HaCarmel – 10 shekel humus in the middle of the Shuk (on the right hand-side towards the end if you are coming in from Allenby). ~HaCarmel 11~
Sabich Frishman – before I came to Israel I had never heard of a Sabich – now there is nothing like a Sabich Sunday! Pita filled with roasted eggplant, a bit of potato, an egg, some salady stuff, tehina, and some special spices. ~Frishman 44 (corner of Dizengoff)~
Pasta Basta – This is not your traditional pasta! This experience definitely makes eating more fun by creating your own pasta by choosing your own kind of pasta and favorite sauce and vegatables to add. ~ Alennby 60, Tel Aviv (at the entrance to the Carmel Market)~
The Old Man and the Sea – 99 NIS gets you a great piece of grilled fish, lemonade, and lots of little salads. This is definitely worth the trip to Jaffa. !Hangar 1, Jaffa Port.~
Puaa – another Jaffa restaurant, Pua serves lots of mediterranean and Israeli food – all fresh, all delicious. This place is very cozy and vibrant with great tapas ~Rabbi Yochanan 8, Shuk Hapishpishim, Jaffa~
Vicky Cristina – another tapas place, in a beautiful outdoor atmosphere in the HaTachana area. A bit pricey. ~Madoreg 5~

Snacks –

Abu Hassan- (in the port city Yafo/Jaffa): This is one of the best hummus you will have in your life, even if you don’t like hummus!

Tamara- (shakes and yogurt):

Breakfast/Brunch: – Israel does breakfast REALLY well

1. Shaksukah at Benedict’s

2. Nola

3. Zorik Cafe (sit outside and people watch)

4. Cerveceria

5. Claro

6. Mashya Restaurant

7. Ha’achim (The Brothers)

8. Cicchetti

Best Burger Spots:

1. Agadir

2. Moses

3. Wolfnights

Best Bars:

Jasper Bar
Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar
Cocktail & Dreams
French 57
Habustan (The Secret Garden)
Casino de Paris
Mirror Bar

Hidden Food Gems of Tel Aviv:


Sometimes it’s all about the simple things like warm bowls of Ramen soup: a hearty broth, overflowing with handmade noodles, seaweed and a multitude of flavors. This tiny vegan Japanese restaurant serves up a small menu of dishes: a few salads, soups and curries. But it’s just what you need to hit the spot. The Dashi in the Ramen, a Japanese broth, gets its rich flavor from Kombu, an edible kelp, along with various mushrooms. Chef Boaz Tsairi, the owner of Boazu and an established chef, makes the noodles himself. Any visit here requires a bowl of Ramen, but the Japanese curry should not be overlooked – delectable flavors are draped over rice along with chunks of vegetables and dumplings made of house-made silken tofu. This inexpensive spot will quickly become one of your favorite lunchtime stops.


Hidden away in the middle of the city, far away from the busy restaurant streets, Maklubar is a real treasure. Its name – a play on makluba (an Arabic dish of upside-down rice with vegetables at the bottom) – is just a hint of what to expect from this lively restaurant-bar by renowned Chef Nir Zook. Maklubar serves up Arabic food with its own special flair. A medley of meze and salads decorate the tables, tempting diners with hand-rolled vine leaves in yogurt sauce, homemade labaneh, fattoush salad and crispy okra. Other favorites include multiple renditions of overstuffed vegetables, meat filled cigars, Kuba (beef stuffed croquettes), and the to-die-for hummus. Don’t miss the cocktails! Try the lovely Arak mixed with yogurt, rosewater and pomegranate that fits the restaurant’s buzzing and energetic vibe.


Take the vibrant Tel Aviv atmosphere and squeeze it into a hidden rooftop scene, and you’ll get Suramare, a chic and swanky bar with a breathtaking view of the city. Its joie de vivre requires a glass of wine in hand at all times. Just follow the crowds of people and take the elevator up to the 10th floor to reveal a happening evening spot with gorgeous glass ceilings and translucent windows to the sky. On the menu, you’ll find creative takes on bar food and pizza with innovative toppings like truffle cream and garlic confit. Try the “Spinach Salad and Things that Match” made with feta cheese, roasted almonds and truffle vinaigrette, or opt for the extra-crispy spicy fried calamari. In the spirit of keeping this gem underground, there is no phone number for reservations. Just message them through Facebook.

Gelateria Grinberg

Succumb to your sweet tooth at Gelateria Grinberg, an adorable gelateria and bakery located in a shopping center full of foodie gems (including a not-to-miss pizza parlor) in Azorei Hen. At Gelateria Grinberg, you’ll find long jars of bubblegum-hued confections, Nutella-draped cookies, enormous meringue cookies, pecan shortbread chocolate cookie squares, indulgent Ferrero Rocher rounds and so much more. The gelato is made in house with endless flavors from the extra-rich hazelnut to the ricotta with raisins and dates. Try their fruity sorbets or their decadent gelato drumsticks filled with semifreddo and topped with a chocolate crunch. A abundant parking lot makes this the perfect sweet treat spot, especially with kids or for the young at heart!

David Ve Yossef Street Food

Sometimes only home-cooked food will do. But finding restaurant-caliber home-cooked food always seems like a bit of a challenge. Chefs David Almakias and Yossi Shetrit, the well-loved duo behind the upscale Tel Aviv restaurant David Ve Yossef, recently opened their street food spot serving up Moroccan, Tunisian and other Sephardic home-cooked cuisines in a simple and welcoming atmosphere. The extensive menu boasts hearty meatballs, mounds of bulgur, majadra with black lentils, stuffed vegetables exploding with goodness, al dente green beans, meaty shawarma, the list goes on. Don’t miss the Tabecha, a rich Tripolitan stew of slow-cooked tender and juicy meat, soft beans and potatoes.


This place is a legend, not only the location and the food is perfect, also the stuff there is very nice and high service level which is rare for street food.
You can find great salami toast or sandwich and nice sausages. The dressings are crazy and you can be very surprised on the taste.
Come back from a club or bar and want something good? Go there its perfect.
Note-closed during friday evening till Saturday evening.


Western Wall, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv Beach
Shuk Ha’Carmel
Dead Sea
Bahai Gardens, Haifa
Ein Gedi
Machane Yedua Market, Jerusalem
Shuk Hapishpeshim, Jaffa
Yad Vashem/ Holocaust Museum
Sea of Galilee

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