The Great Wall Of China for Visiting Centuries Old One Of The 7 Wonders

On my next tour, I chose China this time.

In my last journey to the China, I have already told you guys that sooner or later I will see the china once again. For learning about it more. When I got free time then I made up my mind to see china again.

This time, I thought to have checked out the Great Wall of China. From one of my friend, I come to know that this place is really an amazing place for our visiting destination. There are a few people in the world who does not know about The Great Wall of China. It is one of the great 7 wonders of the world. Yes, the longest wall of the history and moreover one of the best place to visit for its natural beauty.

By gathering all the information about this place I was tempted to have a look for myself. This time, I went there for myself as rest of my friends was too busy to explore and I have a full week to spend. So I think I have to use the holiday.

From visiting this wonderful place I have the experience of walking thought-out the mountain. Also, I Fell the mountain breeze by touring this wall. It is a 5-8 meter high and 6532 kilometers long. Legend has said that the Emperor-king Qin-Shi-Hung first use the great wall for defending his kingdom. When I am walking in this place I have viewed the mountain and lots of trees all around. This place turns into magically beautiful in the sunset time. Have a rare magic what is turning this place into various colors by the time goes.

The sky also turns out reds and it looks like a red sea heaven. Interesting and funny things about this place I have find out that this place is 35% of the couple visited here thinks this place as a romantic destination. More notable things are most of them proposed their partner here. They thought it is the best ever place for a proposal.

Insider Tip

You can find a lot of Cultural and handmade things here. What is very cheap and attractive.

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