The Hague, Netherlands for A History Lesson on International Law

The Hague might not be the most interesting place in the Netherlands, but it is pretty great in terms of location – you can easily reach Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam in under an hour. Plus you might find it exciting if you’re into European/National history.

We stayed at our friend’s place that was just two tram stops (or a ten minute walk) away from Den Haag Centraal, which was pretty convenient for getting around. We dedicated one day to exploring historical sights around the Statenkwartier Area, which of course included the Peace Palace and we even took a peak at the ICTY (intriguing for someone from the Balkans, certainly). Both the architecture and nature of the area was truly gorgeous. We traveled to the Hague in November, so you can imagine what sort of weather awaited us there – still, the next day we went to the Scheveningen beach, where at least our friend’s two dogs could have fun while we waited in the freezing rain. On our last day, we stayed in the central area, which was lovely as well – we got to see the immense architecture of the Binnenhof and visit a really cool second hand bookshop just around the block that had a pretty decent sized collection of English-language books. Really enjoyed the Hague!

Where I stayed / started

Friend's place near Den Haag Central

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