Tokyo, Japan for Akihabara and Retro Video Games

Anyone who’s been to Tokyo knows Akihabara is the center of all those things we immediately associate with Japanese pop-culture: manga, anime, video games, maid cafes. And really, once you step onto the main streets, the flashy colors invite you to walk in everywhere. Since we did our research beforehand, we decided to go into one is actually tucked away from all the madness of the main street shops – the Super Potato, known for its retro video games memorabilia. The store has four floors and each is dedicated to a different era in video gaming, so walking through Super Potato in some way felt like travelling through history of our favorite games. From the early age Atari, to the legendary Super Nintendo to the late-90s Play Stations, each room was filled with various tech and knick-knacks related to the consoles and games. The Super Nintendo era was my absolute favorite! As a cherry on top of this wonderful store, the last floor is an old-school arcade where you can play all these relics of the past such as Legend of Zelda and Street Fighter 2. I immediately went on the Super Mario Bros game to see how rusty I got since mid-90s. Amazing experience!

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