Tokyo, Japan for Ethereal Kiyosumi Garden

On our last full day in Tokyo, we stayed in the Koto area, which didn’t seem particularly boisterous at first, but after some exploring, we found a couple of things that were definitely worth seeing and actually ended up being some of our favorite spots of the entire trip. One of them was the wonderful traditional Kiyosumi garden, which we weren’t one hundred percent sure on visiting since there was an admission fee, but I am so glad we did in the end. From the very moment we stepped in it seemed like it was truly a slice of paradise, with its picturesque lake, little wooden bridges and an old school teahouse in the middle of it. The stony path led us around the lake, in which we could see some interesting wildlife, such as turtles, herons and colorful koi fish. Another thing that was amazing about Kiyosumi was that it barely had any people there, which is really a rarity in the otherwise insanely crowded Tokyo. We enjoyed the afternoon feeding the ducks, admiring various plantlife and just enjoying the silence and lovely nature.

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