Tokyo, Japan for Hanging Out in Yoyogi Park

If you need a break from the sightly overwhelming atmosphere of Tokyo’s busy streets, don’t worry – the lovely Yoyogi park is here to save you. Even though its located between probably the busiest areas of Tokyo – Harajuku and Shibuya – you can always find a piece of mind or just hang out with friends in the nearby Yoyogi park. There are a couple of things we learned are a must if you’re planning to spend a couple of hours in this urban oasis. On our first day in Tokyo, we noticed everyone had these blue spreads that they used to lie on the grass. After asking one couple, they told us everyone get them from the popular 100 yen shops, where we quickly went to get ours. Next you need some snacks and refreshments. Worry not, because Japanese convenience stores are equipped with pretty much anything you need. From shrimp-flavored chips, to a plethora of ramens of all kinds, to tasty desserts and rice cakes – I am sure there will be something for everyone in your local 7/11. Now all you need to do is pick a nice spot – we decided to grab one by the pond where some local musician were doing there acoustic numbers – and you’re set! Spread you mat and you can have a picnic, people-watch or just spend a couple of hours of relaxing. You might even forget you’re in one of the world’s busiest districts!

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