Tokyo, Japan for Senso-ji Temple

The Asakusa area of Tokyo is perfect for those who would like to enjoy exploring the more traditional side of Japan. Its main sightseeing point is definitely the Senso-ji temple, the oldest one in the city. Even after our what could be called oversaturation with Buddhist temples during our visit to Kyoto shortly before, we could still admire the exquisite architecture and decoration of this monumental building and its equally impressive gate, the so-called Kaminarimon. The other areas of Asakusa were fun to explore too – the district is full of passageways and alleys lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. Yo can find anything from quirky shirts and jewelry to pretty much anything you can imagine, only green tea flavored. After shopping around for a bit, we decided to get something to eat in a ramen restaurant that was recommended by our friend. It was truly delicious and I don’t regret coming to Asakusa, even with all the temple exploring in Kyoto a few days before!

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