Tokyo, Japan for Shimokitazawa Awa Odori Festival

During our trip to Japan, we stayed in Eifukucho, which was convenient since it meant we were only a short walk away from the vibrant area of Shimokitazawa, increasingly popular for its colorful nightlife and a great number of small, independent businesses. And really, since the moment we got out of the subway stop, we were amazed at the number of shops, cafes, restaurants and izakayas popping out everywhere. While we were roaming the little alleyways, suddenly we heard the sound of drums coming from nearby. We decided to follow the sound and we ended up in a street that was full of people and lined with street food stands, all centered around a group of performers of all stripes who were dancing in the streets. The joyful atmosphere brought together young and old, locals and tourists alike, as we all moved to the beat of the drum. We decided to also try the local delicacies and settled for several yakitori skewers and some delicious takoyaki. The man who was working at the takoyaki stand told us a little bit about the community and the history of the festival, which was a really nice touch. So glad we accidentally bumped into such a cool event!

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