Tokyo, Japan for The beautiful and Majestic Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine is the religious shrine (Shinto Shrine) which was built in honour of Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken. Though the shrine does not have emperor’s graves, but it depicts the religious and spiritual attachment of Shinto Japanese with these two defied spirits. Meiji Shrine has hosted many foreign politicians on their visit to Japan. United States President George W. Bush, presidential candidate and former US secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle are among them.
The Meiji Shrine is beautifully serene with soothing feel that encompass the visitors in its aura and charm. The architecture of shrine is not flashy, modern or colourful, rather quiet, peaceful and full of tranquillity. The entrance of the Shrine is marked by Torii gate, which symbolically depicts the transition from wicked to sacred. The presence of the Torii gate is simply the mark of entrance into a Shinto Shrine. The shrine consists of two parts, inside called as Naien, is located in the centre of the building. Naien has museums which has house articles of the Emperor and the Empress. While the outer side of the Shrine, called Gaien, contain Meiji art gallery consort. This art Gallery is the most interesting part of the shrine, as here you get to know the life style and different life events of the his Royal highness and his partner. In Gaien Meiji Memorial Hall, and National stadium were present. This Meiji Hall was formerly used for official meetings by the Government of Japan. Now a days this area is used as perfect wedding venue by the couples, specially celebrating the Shinto weddings.

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