Tokyo, Japan for Visit Beautiful, Fun, and exotic Odaiba- Artificial Island in Tokyo Bay

Odaiba is the beautiful, near to nature, artificial island in Tokyo Bay, which has become the popular hub for shopping and entertainment lovers. In later years of 1990, the Odaiba Islands were developed as in most favourite and economically important travel destination of Tokyo, as shopping malls, luxurious hotels, comfortable beeches, spas, and one of obaida’s most visited tourist attraction Yurikamome elevated train was made. The artificially made beech give a perfect view of Tokyo bay, and make this place perfect for couples. The beautiful sunrise and sunsets depict the beauty of nature, which you can enjoy and feel with your family. Thus making Obaida perfect place for family get together, and a perfect hangout spot from tiring everyday routine. Obaida is the fulfilled place with best shopping mall, and top hotels in vicinity.
The most interesting thing in Obaida is the real, okay not real, but near to actual, Japan’s very own statue of liberty stands with head up high. Well another mesmerising and architectural wonder is Rainbow Bridge, which has become the most attractive and popular landmark of japan. The wondrous bridge is an amazing sight from Obaida’s boardwalk. Obaida is specially famous for its shopping malls, so for a shopaholic like it’s like a dream come to true. The shops cater people from various interests, and a have a huge lot of variety of things. Looking people, make me realize that yes, shopping is the therapy to be happy, not only for me but for a whole lot of people.
Obaida’s wonder never stops to charm, as it has attractions for people of all age and interests. you only have to have a interest for fun, nature or shopping. Just name it and have it.

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