Top 10 Cave Houses for Vacation Rental

What is your dream destination? I can very well predict that your answer would be New York, Dubai, Cape Town or any such place round the world. Now what if I ask you where would like to stay if you get a chance to visit any of these places with your partner or family. Most of yours answer will be a flat, a bungalow, a villa etc. Well let me tell you that these are traditional choices and today the trends have changed. We are moving towards becoming a civilized caveman. Yes, my friend you heard me correct. Traveling around the world I have realized that people want new things every time and now-a-days the concept of living in a luxurious cave house is helping property owners to draw out huge sum of money from poor yet crazy travelers like us.

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So for all those who want to have an amazing and memorable experience of living in a cave house with their loved ones, here is a guide for you. To make your research work easy I have listed out top 10 Cave Houses in the world. All you have to do is to read this article till the end and you will be ready to flaunt out your Cave House knowledge to your friends and convince them to plan a tour.

1. Beckham Cave Home, USA

There is no doubt why this place deserves to hit the top of this list. This place is tempting enough to make you fall in love with this beautiful amalgamation of nature and human skills. Well, I am sorry if I sound like a tourist guide or something but to brief you about the place I will say that the place offers 4 bedrooms all with queen sized beds. The place occupies good 600 square feet of space and is sufficient enough to accommodate 16 persons easily. I know I am getting dramatic but I love this place a lot so guys go and visit this at least once.

2. Lava Cave, Santorini Greece

Looting our heart with its beauty since 1875, Lava Cave house gives a tough competition to Beckham Cave House. I can very boldly say that if former (Beckham Cave House) is my husband then I would not mind getting into an extra marital affair with the latter (Lava Cave). That’s how much I adore this place. Having white pearl walls and traditional cave-curved Aegean island style but with modern décor, this place will woo you with its charm. The place offers a cozy bedroom, an adorable living room and a kitchen which your inner Mater Chef won’t let you leave. And you know what the best part about this place is? It is the indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi. First time I saw it in an Instagram video and was thrilled at the sight of a place like this. I remember almost shouting wow in slow motion in a local train and the man standing next to me giving me a “Something is wrong with your woman” look. This place is worth praising and deserves these kinds of praising.

3. Anitya Cave House, Cappadocia, Turkey

Located at the heart of the city, Anitya cave house is a 600 years old traditional beauty. Now this house has got a huge and lavish terrace for you to spend some romantic time with your partner and go on a date without actually going anywhere. Imagine a beautifully decorated, well lit terrace with seating arrangements at night. You and your partner moving to the soft music being played in background and looking into each other’s eyes making lifelong promises and locking them up with kisses. That’s exactly what you can do and if you are bad at planning romantic dates, then copy this one and surprise your partner. Though the place has single bedroom but you will find yourself being compensated with multiple sleeping arrangements in case you are travelling with your family. Therefore, the place is ideal for 6 persons to have a blasting holiday.

4. The Rock House Retreat, Worcester, UK

Now, let me take you to a secluded natural yet man-made beauty in the list. Ladies and gentlemen it is The Rock house Retreat in UK. A unique luxury cave, hand- sculpted from Triassic Sandstone scarpment that will blow your mind and leave you awestruck. This house is perfect for those who want privacy, peace, nature’s warmth and are willing to spend their vacation with oneself. The place though offers you 3 acres of land with homelike facilities such as under floor heating and ambient light. Feel like an early man who was not surrounded by many people and enjoy your own company at this stylish and authentic cave house.

5. Sea View Cave Loft, Guia, Gran Canaria

Next up in the queue is Loft Cave in Guia. With its mesmerizing beauty and a tint of rural culture it as the capacity to woo you. Now if you and your partner have varied pictures in minds when it comes to going on a vacation then your worries are gone babe. The Loft Cave will give you an opportunity to trek and camp at night on a hill plus creating some sweet memories with your family at the beach. Just think of a night where you can lay on the terrace of a cave house with your spouse talking endlessly under the stars, discussing life and reliving old joys life provided you. Next day when you will be woken up by the gushing sound of wild sea waves thrashing the shore hard and calm sun smiling at you making your life and morning perfect. Not only this house has a beautiful terrace but also you can be extremely intimate with your partner in the swimming pool experiencing exotic adrenaline and lot of emotions. In a nutshell, this place is heaven where you can cook your meal and enjoy the food you want to have.

6. Casa Santantoni, Greece

Have you ever fantasized yourself in a huge mansion lavishly spending and making out with the prince in his royal bedroom?  Well I can’t promise makeout sessions with king but if you wanna stay in a mansion which is lit at then Casa Santantonio is perfect for you. The place is an 18th century mansion which is redesigned yet has the essance of traditional architecture and style. There are 2 bedrooms in the Senior Apartment which is on the first floor of the building, and have sleeping arrangements for 5 persons. Okay let me tell you that the building has 3 apartments. Also did I mention that there is a Jacuzzi to get cozy and vent all your tensions away?

7. White Dream, Puglia, Italy

Located in the heart of Ostuni, White Dream is literally a dreamland. It won’t be an exaggeration if I call it an epitome of heaven which leads your way to tranquility. The place offers a huge bedroom, dining area and kitchen but has unique decor which is in the shades of white. And to add to its pros it has got its location which is only 7 miles away from White Sand Beaches. And I personally would recommend you guys to just rent it whenever you go to Italy and I am damn sure you won’t regret it.

8. Cuevo De Luja,  Granada, Spain

Just like its different name this place is different too. Sited between Albaicin and Socromonte, the place has got a slightly different construct. There are 2 floors in the house, the first floor has got bedrooms, living area and kitchen while on the second floor there is a chill-out lounge and seating area along with fantastic views of Alhambra from the terrace. So guys I personally have never been to this place but after my research and this short formal guide-like speech, I can make out that this place has a lot more to offer. That’s the reason it’s got a place in this article, after all why would I suggest worthless places and ruin my credibility?

9. Cohabitat Sassi, Matera, Italy

Now as we are heading towards wrapping up our list, I think we should consider small properties as well. And with small, I mean the ones that only are small in size and nothing else. Cohabitate Sassi in Matera is the first thing that comes to my mind. This petite house is just going to steal away your heart. Completely perfect to accommodate two persons the place has been modified with modern adaptations. And not to forget the splendid artwork that will further amaze you with its uniqueness. This cave house enjoys central location and is at a stone throw distance from Piazza Vittorio Veneto and other tourist attractions in the town. This Classic Italian property having everything you need will add another page of memories to your Travelopedia.

10. Cave Socorro, Guimar, Tenerife

Last but not the least, we have Cave Socorro summing up our list. Sorry for this cliché line but what here matters are the fact that this place is just amazing to spend your vacations around the beachSited at Southern Tenerife this place is an ideal location for family vacations and tours with friends. It has a master bedroom with a double bed and a superior bedroom with two single beds. There is a wonderful terrace and is just a few footsteps away from the beach where fresh seafood and desserts waiting for you to just take their lives away.

So, citing Ellie Goulding, “What are you waiting for?”

Pick up that suitcase from your upper shelf, open your closet and pack your clothes. And don’t forget to book the tickets. Plan a blasting holiday with your friends, family, spouse or yourself and on’t just ogle at the images, experience the places live and boast about them.

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