Top 2 hotels of Malaysia: Reach by bus!! for Dining and Entertainment

The best hotels in Malaysia have been strategically placed at the centre of the city so that they can be easily reached by road. This has given an extra boost to tourism as traveling here by bus has become completely hassle free! These hotels not only feature some of the most spacious guest rooms but also top notch services to its guests. The hotels have countless options for dining, relaxation, shopping and entertainment. The hotels are at a distance of only few kilometres from all recreational hotspots and some of the most significant landmarks of the city of Malaysia. This makes it easy to reach all of these places by bus as the city centre is where most of the buses begin. You can book your tickets online in advance!




The buses that ply in Malaysia are well known throughout the world for their punctuality. I personally recommend you to book your bus tickets from as it will spare you the ordeal of carrying cash and change with you all the time. You can pre book your bus tickets, pay for them online and just forget your wallets at home. Traveling by bus is catching up with the Malaysians in recent times thanks to low cost and reliable services.




Shangri – La Hotel Malaysia


The Shangri – La Hotel features some of the most premier and luxurious accommodations in Malaysia. It is located at a 5 minutes distance by road and can be easily reached by bus. The hotel has free internet and an outdoor pool. The hotel has some of the most stylish guest rooms and is equipped with a TV, a minibar, coffee vending machine and a private bathroom. It also features a cosy hot tub to help you rejuvenate completely. If you are a fitness freak, the hotel also has 24 hour fitness centre. Since reaching here is easy most people also prefer to host their business meetings here. Reaching this place from the airport by a cab will set you back by 90-100MYR and the fare might increase depending on the traffic and the time of the day. Bus will cost you somewhere around 10-15MYR (fixed rates) regardless of traffic and what time you are traveling!




Sheraton Hotel Kuala Lumpur


The moment you get off the Monorail station at Kuala Lumpur you can just hop onto a bus and head straight to the Sheraton Hotel. The bus stops just a minute away from the hotel. Waiting for a taxi at the station will leave you exhausted. It will be a waste of time as well as money as this route is always crowded. Highly recommend you to board a bus and save the hassle of being struck in traffic and being worried about money. The hotel has modern rooms fitted with futuristic amenities. It has a walk in wardrobe and the bathrooms include bath tubs. You can pamper yourself to the special award winning spa treatments of this hotel!


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