Top 2 Must Visit restaurants of Langkawi for its delicious food

Langkawi is known for duty free shopping and its delicious food. Restaurants in Langkawi are famous in catering to all kinds of tastes, preferences and budgets. The Restaurants are known for the fantastic services that they provide to their guests. These joints have strategically set up shop at places offering magnificent views of the sunset, views of the Andaman Sea. As Langkawi is a tropical island, it is vastly famous for its local delicacies. The Menu also includes Malay and Chinese cuisine along with some international cuisines. I recommend you to try out the seafood menu, which consists of crabs, lobsters, and king prawns. These restaurants serve dishes at affordable prices without compromising on quality and service.

Malaysia has one of the best bus transportation systems in the world precisely why the locals themselves leave their cars at home and prefer to travel by bus. The bus operators here are not only punctual about their timings but also provide the best services. The bus transit system ensures that you have point to point connectivity to the most important landmarks in Malaysia. Most buses arrive at an interval of 15 minutes and have tracking systems so that you can leave your hotel for the bus stop at the right time!! The bus fares in Malaysia are some of the lowest in the world but there is absolutely no compromise on quality of service. You can book your bus tickets from at discounted rates. It is a completely hassle free procedure and you can pay online too! Book your tickets and zip past the city at unbelievable prices.

The Privilege Restaurant and Bar

The Privilege Restaurant and Bar is one of the most visited restaurants in Langkawi and is located along a massive 27 acre Bay. The restaurant offers views of magnificient yachts that have been docked at this Bay. The interiors have elegant decor, futurustic furnishings and slow jazz music playing in the background. Youngsters looking for a retreat from their busy day frequent the place. The Menu here mostly consists of Malay and Indian cuisine as well as some popular Chinese dishes. The food here has been priced reasonably starting from RM29 and going up all the way upto RM120. I recommend you to try out the white radish cake and the seasonal greens. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. You can board an Express Bus that will drop you off at Talaga Harbour Park. The restaurant is just at a 2 minutes walking distance from here. There are only a few cabs available during the night with a large amount of surge, so i recommend you to travel by bus so your travel cost remains minimal and pleasant too..

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

It is considered Langkawi’s oldest seafood restaurant. The restaurant is famous for providing efficient service and a charming dining atmosphere. The food here is compete value for money. Guests have the options to choose from Indoor and Outdoor Seating Options. However, I would recommend you to reserve a table under the open skies. Make sure to try out their signature dish, which is the Thai styled steamed dish. You can board a bus from the Central Station and get off at Mukim Kuah, which is right in from of this hotel. Even more reason for you to reach here by bus as there is point-to-point connectivity.

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