Toronto, ON, Canada for Signature Icon of Toronto's Skyline the Tall CN Tower

Ever tallest, iconic, and cool CN tower is the world’s third and Toronto’s top tallest building. CN Tower is the top favorite tourist attraction and is the most defining and adventurous landmark of Toronto. CN Tower has been historically used for telecommunication all across the city, but now with different adventurous events and the most mesmerizing hotel with a beautiful view, has made the tower worth a trillion, and top favorite tourist attraction.
A daring experience on this tower is to walk on the glass floor. Well yes, this really makes you feel flying in air,(not to worry! as the glass floor is very strong that it can hold the weight of 14 hippos, as told by the guide). The uppermost SkyPod area of the tower is the highest public gallery in the world. On the other hand, one can enter to the heat-thumping top of tower on annual event of CN Stair Climb. The most exciting and thrilling event hosted by this tower is EdgeWalk, which occur annually from every April-November. EdgeWalk is an ultimate lifetime experience where you like, actually top of the world with so many skyline buildings and feeling the air all over you.
Well the most exciting is eating a dinner on a revolving 360 restaurant. The hotel completes one rotation in 72 minutes, meanwhile the view of the city below, deliciously yummy food, and a perfect scenery make the moment precious and eventful. It is a mesmerizing experience to watch the city from glass to darken and becoming a beautiful twinkling pattern of lights.
CN towers hosts hundreds of events throughout the year, such as product launches, themed events, dinners, etc.

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International Toronto Centre Hotel

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  1. LifeInWanderlust May 19, 2016, 5:16 am

    I went last year and had a blast having brunch at the top of the tower! Make reservations and ask for a window seat, totally worth it!

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