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Travelling is part of everyone’s daily routine. People go from one place to the other to fulfil their professional duties, visit their loved ones, etc. travelling in this article is specifically related to tourism, campaigning, hiking, climbing, or any other adventurous making memory.  Travelling generally is an outdoor experience which people should do quite often to avoid personal and professional life tensions. Travelling and exploring new places is a refreshing experience for people of all ages. It helps to grow and let a person groom better. It allows a person to be more responsible for his health as travelling is beneficial for health too. Travelling depending on the planned days requires some basic things to take with. In the case of camping, hiking, etc. handy sleeping bags are a must. Wild earth shop encouraging travelling with quality accessories including sleeping bags Australia is must try shop. It allows their customers a virtual shop tour as well. Wild earth here is essential because it provides quick delivery, genuine warranty cards, expert advice from skilled staff, etc. Loyalty program, on-location support, great everyday prices and much more is the exception of the company encouraging travelling in all ages.

Sleeping bags

Additionally, sleeping bags are used to have a proper night sleep and rest after the tiring hectic day. This can be used both in summer and winter and designed according to the extreme weather conditions. Resistances for water, dirt, fire, etc. are the additional features of these bags. I the latest designs these are portable, easily foldable and can be carried into a small pack after rolling and covering correctly. Two most general types of sleeping bags are camping and backpack sleeping back, and the major difference is of weight. Both, however, can be used for the same purposes while the bag pack is common because it is easy to carry with other things while camping.

Key features of a handy sleeping bag

·            Temperature bearing rating is also important for sleeping bags. Because in winter there are 15 degrees or lower and in summers 30 degrees or more is the general temperature. This should be done while considering body type, sleeping pad, humidity, wind, and what a person is wearing on a trip.

·            The sleeping bag has different sizes and shapes including single, double, rectangular, mummy shape/barrel shape, kid-size, semi-rectangular shapes, etc. all of the shapes according to the size have much room for a person to stretch out and rest as much as possible. Kid-size bags, however, as justified by the name are no suitable for men/women because these are relatively smaller in size.

·            Sleeping bags insulation type is also important that can be either done type or synthetic type. Down insulated sleeping bags is lightweight, suitable for dry and cool weather, compressed, water-resistant and mare more durable while synthetic insulated dry fast, non-allergic and continue insulating while damping.

·            As far as the fabric is concerned, it is dual. From the outer side, it is a water-resistant and quick-dry feature and is made generally of nylon or polyester. While inside, it is warm and soft and comfy. 

·            The zipper feature is also very useful in sleeping bags. It allows ventilation and full zipping in forests or places where the danger is high at night.

·            There are hoods and pockets made inside the sleeping bags to remain warm and place things inside the bag such as mirror, keys, etc.

Additional accessories of a sleeping bag

As mentioned above, this is the most important thing while travelling. Sleeping bags should have additional accessories in case of emergency and to remain safer and prepared in travelling.

·            Firstly, stuff sack to keep the sleeping bag stored after rolling or before actually opening is important. It helps to take minimum space for a sleeping bag in the vehicle. In the case of climbing, this sack helps in carrying the bag easily wherever a traveller goes. And sack is easy to be carried on the shoulders as well along with other stuff.

·            Sleeping bag liner is also an additional accessory to keep the bag clean and add more warmth. It keeps the bag clean too. While in hot weather conditions the liner can be skipped as well.

·            Sleeping mats are also important inside the nag to keep more warmth inside. It also allows a traveller to sleep with more comfort and ease.

Sleeping bags hence are important to rest after a tiring day and get up fresh for a new adventure to be made in the next day. Sleeping bag size, shape matters according to the days of the trip, comfort of the person and place where he is going to travel. If the affordable hotel facility is available, then the sleeping bag is not just a useless weight a person is carrying. While in the other case, where either hotel facility is unavailable or too expensive, carrying handy bags are important. The weight of these bags does matter a lot after a long hectic routine.

 Commonly lightweight ranked bags:

·            Thermarest Hyperion, best for any outdoor adventure.

·            Vango ultra litre pro with synthetic filling

·            Mountain Hardwear lamina best for  durability and synthetic insulation

·            Mountain equipment helium best for warm-weather backpacking

·            Snug pack, adventure racing softie, designed for summer

·            Sea to summit spark SPI best for extreme weather conditions

·            Nordisk Oscar best for the summer season

Washing the sleeping bag hence should not be forgotten after the trip if it caused a lot of dirt, watermarks, etc. to wash it off to clean and re-use it for the next trip reliably, the washing process is very important.  Instructions that are generally put done inside the bag should be considered first. Cleaning product for both down and synthetic insulation is separate and used with extreme care. Gentle wash and the drying process should be prioritized. Place of head and foot areas should be cleaned with extra care. These areas tend to get dirtier than the other rarely used areas. Using bleach, extra drying, dry cleaning preference over-washing can harm h durability and performance of the bag. These steps should be avoided. Hence hand washing is the best choice over the automatic wash to keep the bag safe and clean.


Travelling once in a year to new places avoids regrets after. Best travelling experiences are directly proportional to the happiness, satisfaction and good health of a person. A handy, litre weight sleeping bag is the most important thing to carry while travelling. Its size, shape, temperature ratings and other features are important to consider while shopping it. This needs proper consultation and advice for which wild earth Australian independent shop is mastered. It not only provides a virtual tour to the shop, fast delivery, on-location guidance, and other exceptional services to make trips best for a lifetime.     

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