Trieste, Province of Trieste, Italy for Gorgeous Sights and Old School Shopping

So historically, the town of Trieste was known among then-Yugoslavians and the number 1 shopping spot in Europe. This is no surprise as it was just across the border from Slovenia, then Westernmost Yugoslav republic. These days, countries that were once former Yugoslavia have their own serving of consumerism, so such travels aren’t so popular anymore, but me and a couple of friend still decided to visit it for a day, if nothing to exploit the geographical proximity.

You can notice immediately that Trieste has a more central European vibe than most of Italy. In fact, the town has an Austrian Quarter which is pretty much another version of Vienna in terms of architecture. We of course visited the San Giusto Cathedral and all of its accompanying parts. As I m a huge fan of just walking for hours when I am visiting a foreign place, my favorite part of Trieste was the Barcola promenade, which extends almost all the way to the Miramare Castle, a truly gorgeous attraction that is well worth a visit, too. It was also strange to find out how Barcola was so full of Slovenians, so getting understood there was no trouble at all, even without resorting to English. To remain true to its 20th century heritage, we ended up going to a couple of shops, so we wouldn’t return to Belgrade empty-handed. Thoroughly enjoyed Trieste!

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