Tsurui, Hokkaido for Enjoying The Unique Wild View

We were curious about the wildlife of Japan and so we wanted to travel the Tsurui, Hokkaido. AS Tsurui, Hokkaido has the large numbers of wildlife in Japan. This place is full of so many wonderful things. Actually turns everythings into verious colour. Magically wonderful and very nice view to enjoy.

It is one of few villages who has a lot of collection of the wild cranes. I am 100% sure that you hardly find Red Crowned Cranes live anywhere else. In the sunset time, when the environments become little dark with ultra violet and red effects every-where then you see those crane and encounter them on this type of romantic situation.

When we are there it was already night. So we are lucky enough to encounter some of the Crowned Cranes at the sunset time. Every where there is red and blue scenery. The cranes looks so amazing and there were bunch of them. They always travel with each other what makes things even more interesting.

If you see one you can expect to see a lot’s of them. Just like we seen a lot. Explore this place and enjoy the nature from a very close distance. Apart from this there were numbers of birds and other animals you can see. They were lovely and charming.

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