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Majority of the people are using the UBER app just to book the cab only, but only fewer know that apart from just opening the app and requesting a ride to your destination, UBER is much more than that. It gives you the platform where you can save your time and money which every other person is not offered. Beneath are some of the best UBER hacks that will maximize your ride-sharing experience and will minimize your travel fare.

Early Booking

If you have early morning flights and want to reduce your stress by scheduling a pick-up before time, you can use UBER app feature to make hassle free journeys. Also there is another feature which is available in many cities nationwide where the riders can pre book their cabs 30 days before the actual pick-up date. So check the UBER app on your phone to avail this feature, if this feature is available in your locality you can click on the option “schedule a ride” and can book the cab one month in advance to avoid all the later inconveniences.

Move little away from crowd to get better fare

Sometimes surge pricing is only for a specific area or time, booking the cab at the peak hours or at the crowded places will always cost you little more than actual price. So it’s better to move little away from the crowded places and book a cab with a different address, the cab will be available at the relatively lower pieces. The events occurring at the large crowded areas will always witness surge in prices, and if you walk few meters away you can surely save a lot and even the cab driver can easily pick you up from the mentioned address.

Check for the offers

Very often, UBER announce promotions and discounts such as UBER couponsetc to facilitate its riders. Many a times you can see these kinds of offers on the social media platforms such as Facebook etc and can use them to reduce the price of your next ride by handsome amount.

Share your fare

Search for the UBER pool to share the cab expense with few other people, through UBER pool you can share the cost of a ride with other passengers who are going in the same direction as you are and can save a lot in your travelling expenditure. If you are heading towards the airport, railway stations or any other place you can always choose the cab pool option and save up to 50% on your total spending along with getting a chance to meet and interact with new people. Picking someone else can increase your journey with few more minutes but if it costing you almost half, surely you can afford that and can take the cab little earlier than your actual estimated time to reach the destination.

Wait for the perfect timings

Sometimes the higher prices are limited for a particular period only and will automatically slash down in sometime. If you want an affordable UBER ride just make sure that the timings are perfect, if there is surge in prices you can close the UBER app and can wait for next 10 minutes before making the cab request.

Check the rating

You can always cross check the ratings of UBER and after each ride can give your reviews and suggestions (if any) regarding your last ride. If you are satisfied with the driver’s services you can give them five-star ratings so that they can directly or indirectly get benefit from it. The UBER drivers don’t accept tips so this is the best way to thank them for their services and kindness. Also, the other way round, UBER drivers also rate their passengers so don’t be rude to them otherwise next time you will not be picked up by the same cab driver. To check your UBER rating, simply click the three lines on the top left-hand corner and beneath your name you can see your rating. You are required to take minimum five rides before viewing your rating.

Refer UBER to your friends

If you ask your friends to sign up for UBER then you can get your next ride free (for a fixed amount), also you can send the referral links to your friends to get the maximum benefit. The more you share, the more your rewards will be. So next time ask your friend to download UBER app and refer them your personalized offer code to enjoy a free ride. This is possibly the best way to avoid paying higher prices at it won’t affect you at all.

Size of car matters

UBER has various options in cars to choose from, for instance, UBER X is the least expensive one which can accommodate up to four passengers at the same time while UBER Black and UBER SUVs are the most expensive cabs. So depending up on your preferences and budget, you can choose from a wide variety of cab services to reach your destination.

Grace period

With using UBER as your travelling partner, you don’t have to hurry as soon as you hear car hawking outside your home of office. You are given a grace period of two minutes to quickly wind up everything and rush to your cab but after the grace period of two minutes get over, you will be started getting charged for the extra waiting time.

Can book the cab for functions

You are throwing a party where many of your guests will arrive from some other state or country and are not familiar with the local transportation. In that case you can create an event through UBER where you can set the location, timings and can ask the UBER drivers to pick your special guests and relatives from various distinctive locations. Also this feature will be useful when the venue of the party has limited parking and the guest will find it difficult to park their cars.

These are some of the ways by which you can make your travelling more comfortable and economical; these nifty tricks can make your UBER trips inexpensive. Also apart from the above mentioned ways, the company keeps on introducing various schemes and offers for its customers; use UBER coupons to get the best deals and discounts on your next ride.

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