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Ubud, Bali for Best Yoga Retreats and Yoga Schools in Ubud Bali

We recommend studios, retreat centers and yoga instructors. The list is kept up to date. Write in the comments your favorite studios and teachers, as our list is not even approximately complete, we will supplement it.

Yoga Barn: One of the largest and world-famous studios not only in Bali, but throughout Southeast Asia, the organizers of the Bali Spirit Festival. Every week, they spend 100+ different classes under the guidance of exceptional specialists in classical Hatha, Vinyasa, pranayama, Iyengar and so on. Classes every day every hour something happens from 7 am to 9 pm, a lot of things. There are retreats, training, practicing Ayurveda, detox and healing procedures. There you can live, there is a guesthouse and a cafe.

Yoga Nisarga: Rated Best Yoga School in India, is now open in Ubud, Bali. Provide Best Yoga Teacher Training. The 200-hour course of yoga Teacher is known for providing yoga enthusiasts with a strong foundation in the context of yoga physical aspects. Check Course Fee on

Radiantly Alive: Big studio, a lot of different classes. 27 kinds of yoga, to be exact. Timetable of classes. from 7.30 am until the evening every hour something new. Conduct retreats, training for yoga teachers and seminars. Everything is in English. Prices from $ 10 per lesson to $ 175 per month without limiting the number of visits. Big discounts for owners of Kitas. more info on:

Anandalife: Russian retreat center. There are pack retreats, detox, atmarama yoga, kundalini, yoga therapy, astrology, holotropic breathing, constellations, and so on. Regularly hold additional events open to all. Retreat 10 days from $ 1300, individual lessons from $ 20.

Fivelements: Super luxury five star way to start a new correct life. Chic hotel in the jungle, eco style, restaurant, proposal for honeymoon, retreats, spa, meditation, rejuvenation, detoxification, in general, everything your heart desires. There are also day classes. One lesson from 490 thousand for a group of 3 people.

Como Shambhala Estate: Luxury and premium wellness center in the jungles of Gignard near the sacred river Ayung. There is everything that can come to mind, even open river baths among the rocks – only you and nature. Personal yoga teachers, nutritionists, massage therapists and therapists with a medical degree. The luxury of this place is just beyond the limit. Needless to say, better see their site themselves.

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Leading Yoga School in India now Open in Bali Indonesia

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