Ulcinj, Montenegro for Ada Bojana's Secluded Beach

A true wild gem of the Montenegrin coast that still hasn’t been properly discovered by tourists is Ada Bojana, a triangular island formed on the Bojana River delta into the Adriatic sea.

To get there, we took a bus from Kotor to Ulcinj, then another mini-bus from Ulcinj that took us to the island. The whole south side of the island is an immensely long sandy beach that’s mostly void of people, unless you’re visiting it at the peak of tourist season. In either case you can always find a quiet spot (especially if you’re a nudist – I daresay the most secluded part of the beach is the nudist one). There is only one hotel out there, but most people opt to either camp or stay in these small stilt houses that are dotted around the coast, both on the seaside and the riverside of the island. We stayed in one of those, too – they are very barren, so you should be prepared to have a very hippie-ish holiday without many luxuries of the modern life. Ada Bojana is definitely place for people who want to wind down and take a break from the civilization, seeing as (aside from water sports), there isn’t much to do around the island – there are a few restaurant and open bars and that’s it. Most people stay out and throw their own improvised parties on the beach. Even though this place is truly heavenly, I wouldn’t recommend staying more than four of five days – if you’re anything like me, after that you’re gonna start having withdrawal symptoms for the modern life.

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If you’re into that, try horseback riding on the beach!

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Local guesthouse cottage

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