Uppsala, Sweden for Fyrishov- largest Sports arena of Sweden

I went to Fyrishov with my sister, her husband and their 10 years old. Actually that was friends and family gathering of kids. This place bring immense joy to the kids. Well, I’d say this place is mainly fascinating only for kids, as I was hell bored there.
Fyrishov is the biggest sports arena of Sweden and is one of the most visited place. A 50m swimming pool is like a fun paradise for the children of all ages. The pool area is really spacious and one of the basic reason to come here. Trifle but extremely essential thing is that the swimming pools must be neat and clean, and that certainly is the case here. Fine place is given to lockers and the staff is very friendly and always eager to help. Other than that the changing rooms are old, they are approximately 20 years old and it showed. Nonetheless, they are well managed and maintained.
Overall its good place for families and for swimming training, but nothing special of interest.

Where I stayed / started

Hotel Villa Anna


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