Uppsala, Sweden for Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral is one charming example of fantastic architecture studded with beautiful paintings magnificent interior. I had wonderful experience at the cathedral, and I must say it should rank high on your “must visit places” list in Uppsala.
Uppsala Cathedral is one of the best places to visit in Sweden. It is located right next to Uppsala University and just 15 minutes walk away distance from Uppsala C. station. The beauty of Cathedral lies in its masterful architecture and humongous interior. Plus the most fascinating thing that I came to know about this place is that, the kings were crowned there. So the memorial caskets o Kings is an amazing thing to experience. It is worth a visit cathedral . Some great historical facts, elegant ceilings, and intricately designed beautiful artwork, are some of its characteristics. Well right after you get in the Church a big donation machine is placed, which seems a bit ridiculous. Other than that the Cathedral is one of the most popular cathedral of Scandinavia.
I would recommend this to anyone who is paying a visit to Uppsala.

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