Vail for Summer

This last summer we had a fantastic weekend visit to Vail, Colorado. Didn’t think it could be as fun as winter, but it was better. Got a seriously good hike in about 45 minutes away at Deluge Lake . . . a burner in that the trail gains 2,300 feet in 2 miles. However, the views of Grand Traverse Peak and the pristine lake are well worth the effort. (My 8 year olds did it so you can too!)

Dinner was at Tavern On The Square which is right in the middle of the town square. We ate in the bar with kids and the food was absolutely fantastic (as pictured). What was really cool was the jazzfest going on (mid July) which really made the town come alive. Next year we will stay longer.

We stayed close in to town at The Sebastian — pricey but we liked being close in to town. They also had a pool which was really nice during the day even if it did feel a little chilly at times!

Where I stayed / started

The Sebastian

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