Vancouver, BC for Science World

I took my niece (7) to Science World because she’s shown a great amount of interest in all things scientific. She’s constantly analyzing people and actions and phenomena and asking all sorts of questions, reaching way beyond “why is the sky blue?” The girl surprises me constantly. Anyway…I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law and found out that my niece hadn’t been there since she was too small to even remember, so I promised to take her!

I’ve got to say, she was not the only one who thoroughly enjoyed herself (although her positive attitude certainly increased the enjoyability of my stay). We spent hours touring the different areas – BodyWorks, Eureka!, and the outdoor park where they keep their own family of chickens, to name a few (the place is gigantic). We also made sure to pop in to the current exhibition on quantum mechanics and technology, and saw a short documentary about worldwide human impact on the arctic in their OMNIMAX Theatre. She loved every minute of it, and, truth be told, so did I!

Haven’t had the photos developed yet, so the photo here is courtesy of Science World. : )

Where I stayed / started

Science World at TELUS World of Science

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