Vancouver for Easy Ridin

This 15 mile route connects downtown Vancouver with the nearby municipalities of Burnaby and New Westminster, leading cyclists through metropolitan neighborhoods, along historic shopping districts and into scenic, natural areas. It had a little bit of everything.

Starting in Vancouver from the Loden, head straight south on Georgia and you’ll basically hit the trail (almost, you’ll need to veer around a little. Just keep asking for Science World). The route begins at Science World on False Creek and curves down through Commercial Drive, making it easy to explore the nearby neighborhoods and Trout Lake.

Continue along through Burnaby, where you can see wildlife at Burnaby Lake and pass by the Nature House, Equestrian Centre and Rowing Pavilion. Finally, the path leads to New Westminster, where you can stop at one of the many outdoor cafés or check out all the stuff at New Westminster Quay.

For beers afterward, we went to Dix, which also had pretty bbq to chow on! Decent music too (we were too early for the live show).

Insider Tip

Watch out for completely clueless people on the trail. There were lots of them (keep right folks!!!)

Where I stayed / started

The Loden

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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