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Unknown Purpose behind Performing Shradh in Hindu Religion

Death in an unfortunate even that no wants to face as a family. Even after the person has died there still are many things and rituals that are needed to be performed for providing peace to the ancestor’s soul. The Word Shradh or you can also say Shradha means any act performed with full devotion and that exactly is the hidden reason behind performing Shradh after death ritual. Now, obviously Varanasi is the holiest city in India and there are performing the rituals here will definitely yield best results. Kashi Kshetra Purohit has been providing Purohit services in Varanasi since ages and we have gained quite a lot of experience in treating our customers. We provide Purohit services for all languages including the best Telugu Purohit in Varanasi.

Now, most Hindu rituals usually have a back story, as in the reason behind performing these rituals and one such story is known as the reason why we perform Shradh under Purohits for Shradh Karyas in Varanasi. You might have heard about the Karn, the Charity King, also called as Danveer Karn one of the important personalities of Mahabharata, used to do a lot of charity activities. He made charity in the form of jewels, money and lands so when he died he got all that in return in the heaven but no food. He starved for days, because he didn’t give any food for charity. That is the time when he took Yamraj’s permission and went back to earth and for 14 days donated food to the needy and did proper charity. After this when he returned to heaven there was plenty of food available for him. This is the reason why performing Shradh ritual is so important and Kashi Kshetra Purohit ensures that you get the best Purohit services in Varanasi. We have a wide range of Purohits available with us and we understand the importance of language as well, which is why you can easily get best Telugu Purohit in Varanasi.

There are various other activities as well which play a major role in the after death rituals, for example the Pitra Dosh Puja and the Asthi Visarjan rituals et cetera. We have been rendering Pandit services in Varanasi since ages and along with providing Pandits for various rituals we also provide the Pandits for Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi. People every year in large number Visit Varanasi to perform the various rituals and performing under the experienced Purohits for Shradh Karyas in Varanasi will yeast best output and help your ancestor’s soul attain Moksha. Our experienced Pandits can help you with Pitra Dosh Puja Remedies as well regarding the other rituals as well. For any of your Pandit services requirements you can contact us directly.


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