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Vegas High Roller for Ethel M Chocolate Tasting

Imagine sky-high views of the Las Vegas Strip. Now imagine pairing that experience with a luxurious chocolate tasting accompanied by wine. That’s exactly what you’ll find with the Chocolate Experience at 550 Feet, a completely new attraction aboard the High Roller ( ).

You can’t miss the High Roller. It’s located in The Linq’s promenade—an outdoor cornucopia of shopping, dining, and entertainment—but no matter which way you turn, you’ll find a glimpse of the 550 foot structure. The High Roller is the world’s largest tallest observation wheel and each glass cabin can host up to 40 guests.

During my ride on the High Roller, I took in a panoramic view of the neighboring mountains and spectacular views of The Strip’s iconic resorts and casinos. The cabins move at a leisurely pace, allowing guests to snap photos along the way and point out favorite landmarks.

I was invited along for the debut ride of the High Roller’s chocolate tasting experience which runs Thursdays 5-8pm. Each ride is 30 minutes and includes a glass of wine to go along with five types of Ethel M Chocolates (

Each chocolate experience is hosted by an Ethel M chocolatier who shares the origins of chocolate and describes how each Ethel M piece is created. My favorite part of this experience—apart from eating incredibly fresh chocolate—was in learning how each chocolate’s flavor profile brings in a host of individual flavor notes. The Ethel M host suggests first taking in the aroma of each piece, then biting in for a burst of flavor, and then letting the chocolate and fillings settle in before finishing each piece. Through this experience, I tasted earthy notes alongside floral, nutty combined with sweet. Part of the experience is exploring the variety of tastes and aromas on the tasting wheel.

I was pleasantly taken by the dark chocolate lemon satin crème. I first picked up the aroma of rich cocoa and earthy espresso, but then experienced a pleasant punch of sour lemon that combined for a smooth and velvety texture. The white chocolate vanilla truffle was equally enjoyable with sweet aromas of vanilla and cream, followed by a melt-in-your-mouth buttery texture. Bottles of water are provided to cleanse the palate between each chocolate tasting so every single piece’s aroma and flavors stand out for their uniqueness.

The entire chocolate tasting occurs inside a dedicated High Roller sphere. During my experience, I noticed two other special ride features: a Happy Half Hour bar experience and the Elevated Yoga Experience. Happy Half Hour includes an open bar for the duration of the 30 minute ride, while the yoga attraction is a one-hour session with a professional instructor.

I highly recommend the High Roller’s Chocolate Experience. At 550 feet with incredible views of The Strip, I was delighted to sample locally made small-batch chocolates. These recipes were inspired by the kitchen of Ethel Mars (yes, that Mars family) when Forrest Mars Sr set out to honor his mother’s recipes. My host and chocolatier, Tammy Jo, was knowledgeable about the chocolate making process and Ethel M Chocolates, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this year.

This was an unforgettable experience that made my trip to Vegas truly unique.

Photography by CT Shier.

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