Vela Luka, Croatia for The Breathtakingly Beautiful Proizd Beach

If you are in Croatia and you are looking to spend a day in a true paradise, definitely head to Proizd. I had been listening to people rave about it for quite some time and so when I finally found myself on Korcula Island, I decided to pay it a visit to see what all the fuss was about. Since I was staying in Korcula Old Town, getting to Proizd required taking a bus to Vela Luka (town on the other end of the island), then going on a taxi boat ride for about half an hour.

As soon as we arrived, I was completely in awe of the crystal-clear turquoise color of the water juxtaposed against the pristine white rocks. It truly felt like being miles away from any civilization. Once we got tired of swimming, we went into a fish restaurant next to the Proizd dock, where we had some delicious grilled fish served in local herb sauce. As the area around the beach is surrounded with thick forest, once the heat subsided a little bit, we decided to follow the trail that ended up taking us to another, smaller beach. After we watched the sunset, we got back on our boat and then returned to Korcula Old Town.

Where I stayed / started

Korcula Old Town

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