Velha Goa, Goa, India for Yoga Teacher Training in India (Goa)

What is Yoga-TTC?

Yoga Teachers Training Course (TTC) – a course of yoga instructors or an instructor course, successfully passing that you will be able to get a certificate and start teaching yoga. In order to become a yoga teacher, you first of all need your desire to transfer knowledge to people, help them, share their experience and energy. A good yoga teacher must have basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and psychology; know the history and philosophy of yoga, classical texts, understand the directions and schools. It is necessary to learn the practice of asanas “in the stream” and in statics, basic pranayamas and shatkarmas, meditation techniques. It will be necessary to master the methods for constructing individual and group sequences, to learn how to feel the students and to interact with them as effectively as possible. All these elements are detailed in the training program for yoga instructors. Of course, to get on this course you need initial training. At least a year of regular practice and at least a little familiarity with the philosophy of yoga. It is also worth noting that the passage of the course-course does not oblige you to immediately begin to lead classes, many go through ttc in order to deepen personal practice, to establish itself in yoga as a life path. The knowledge that you receive during such a program is not available in any other conditions. will be established in yoga as in the life path. The knowledge that you receive during such a program is not available in any other conditions. will be established in yoga as in the life path. The knowledge that you receive during such a program is not available in any other conditions.

How to choose a yoga course course?

Yoga TTC Programs, more or less unified, so that the choice will be determined by the teaching staff, time and place of the program. Also note that the content of the course can be determined by the direction of yoga: basic hatha yoga, yoga Iyengar, ashtanga-vinyasa, kundalini or the actual vinyasa flow yoga at the moment – the choice depends on you. You can also be certified as a teacher of prenatal or children’s yoga, however, in my opinion, it’s worth starting with the basic 200-hour course of hatha yoga teachers .

Of course, it will be especially effective and interesting to pass the TTC in India , at the very origins of classical knowledge. In India, the philosophical aspect of yoga permeates all aspects of life, this is the basis of the foundations. A lot of excellent courses are held in different cities, but the main points of concentration of yoga-teaching are traditionally: Rishikesh, Pune, Varanasi and, of course, Goa. In Goa, you can combine a rich yoga program with beach rest, sun, fruits and comfortable living conditions.




The TTC program can be stretched for several months, especially in Russia, adjusting to the schedule of the practitioner at the main job. In India, most often it is a concentrated daily work for a month (usually a day off – a resurrection). In Russia, when taking a course, you will need a high level of physical fitness and even, most likely, you will be asked to take the entrance examination. In India they will rather pay attention to your ability to concentrate, the development potential. Your thoughtfulness, awareness and interest in the philosophy of yoga will be appreciated here more than the ability to tie yourself into knots.


And in either case, if you are applying for a certificate, at the end of the course you will need to pass the exam. As a test of your knowledge, you will have to talk with the teacher about the basics of philosophy and the history of yoga, answer questions on basic anatomy, conduct several practices as a teacher (discussing the shortcomings and strengths of the lesson), and perhaps write a short abstract on the chosen theme.




After passing the basic course of the TTC-200, you can gradually pass the next step – TTC-300 and TTC-500. These two courses are available only after passing the first base step. They are also called “advanced course of yoga teachers”. They pay more attention to more complex asanas, give in-depth knowledge of anatomy and philosophy.

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