Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy for Doge's Palace and Getting Lost

We went on a day trip to Venice as a part of my university’s trip around North Italy. We were based in Lido di Jesolo, from which we took a bus, then went on a short ride and – bam – we found ourselves right in front of Doge’s Palace (and no, not that doge, internet meme lovers!) You feel like you see Venice so much on photos, in movies and other media, but actually being there is a completely different feeling. We went in October, so it wasn’t compleeetely packed with tourists, but it was still pretty bad. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the immense, one-of-a-kind architecture, especially that one of the Saint Mark’s Basilica, which is probably the most opulent building I have ever seen in my life. We also had a local guide who was really helpful with providing us with all the interesting fact about the town and its history, namely about the Republic of Venice. Once we were free to roam the place on our own, we chose to just freestyle it and see where we find ourselves. We came across dozens of souvenir shops, jewelry shops and high-end shops in general. Venice is most definitely not a town for those who are travelling on a budget, but it the end we found a cute little canteen-like restaurant, where we managed to stuff our bellies with delicious pasta for only five euros – going back on the boat well-fed and super-pleased about our Venetian adventure.

Where I stayed / started

Lido di Jesolo

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