Verona, Province of Verona, Italy for The Arena and Juliet

We managed to cram in a lot of things during our tour of Northern Italy. Some things were unexpectedly amazing, the others unexpectedly disappointing. One thing I can for sure is that Verona was probably my favorite place we went to during our trip. The reason for it was probably the fact that is like entire Italy on a really small scale – you can easily find your way around and it has enough artistic and cultural offer without being suffocatingly tourist like Venice or just plain overwhelming like Florence.

Even though we had only two days in Verona, we managed to pack in lots. First day was, of course, dedicated to visiting the Area, which even though damaged from the outside, remains pretty well-kept and gorgeous looking. We then decided to treat ourselves with some lavish pizza we got from the main square (another plus is that Verona seemed to be much cheaper from other, more touristy places we visited) and continued to Juliet’s House, probably the other sight that is a must-see when visiting Verona. The place was absolutely littered with love notes, heart-shaped gum and various other romantic trinkets. We could see Juliet’s balcony and underneath it, her statue as well. We were told you have to grab her breast and make a wish – and it would eventually come true. Not sure whether this was true or not, but it gave a bunch of visitors an excuse for a photo-op either way. Next day, we gave ourselves liberty to just roam around the city, although we did pay a visit to the Castelvecchio and its enormous collection of Renaissance art. The building itself was also immense and fun to explore. Verona is definitely not to be missed if you’re ever in the north of Italy!

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