Vienna, Austria for Former Imperial Residence, The Schönbrunn Palace

Schoenbrunn Palace is the most visited and renowned place of Vienna. Well I’ve heard and read much about this palace before my visit to Vienna, and the place in real truly lived up to my expectations. I was unable to rightly pronounce the name of this place, nonetheless easy to write. So here is my review.
Schoenbrunn Palace is ornamented with beautiful artwork and amazing historical architecture. I found true Royal and imperial feel in every nook and corner of this place. There are some royal vibes all around this palace, in every brick that depicts extravagant aristocratic feel of this place. Well I must appreciate the administration, as this place is beautifully and perfectly maintained while depicting the history.
My guide was very knowledgeable and friendly and he guided us to 40 rooms of this palace. At first sight I find myself roaming around in the history and living ancient era. The gardens are free to visit, yet worth visiting. I walked down from back of the palace where there is a beautiful work of art, a huge sculpted fountain is placed. Inside of palace is stunning but overloaded with visitors. All in all I’ll give 5 stars to this place. I had great time and recommend this to every Vienna visitor.

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Come early, around 8, so you’ll have plenty of time to roam around, and no fuss of ticketing queue.

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