Vienna, Austria for Schönbrunn Extravaganza

We only had a long weekend in Vienna, so we decided to go with a travel agency package and visit as many super-touristy things as we could in those three days, without any pretense or attempts to find something off the beaten path. After all, Vienna is probably the last place where you’re supposed to do that – the city is basically one giant museum.

So starting our very tourist adventure, we walked around the Graben street, pretty good for high-end shopping (not my own though!) and just admiring the architecture in all its opulent glory. For a more budget experience, we went to Mariahilferstraße, a street lined with more reasonably priced shops and cafes. On our second day, we visited Schönbrunn, a palace and a complex that used to belong to the mighty Habsburg dynasty. Inside, we were able to see many artifacts dating from that time, which gave us an opportunity to learn a bit more about our semi-colonizers. What’s most impressive about Schönbrunn are its vast, lavish gardens, where we could admire the breath-taking Neptune fountain and the famous Gloriette, among many other gorgeous structures. Even the toilets were insanely decorated! I guess Vienna doesn’t hold back.

The next day, we decided to keep it on the low and just went out for a schnitzel (gotta have on of those), before we got on train back home. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Prater – maybe next time.

Insider Tip

Go out and buy as many Mozartkugel as you can fit into your bag.

Where I stayed / started

Hotel in the outskirts

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