Visiting the Chiang Mai for Exploring the Ancient City

Wow!!! What a place!!! This place is full of wonder.
I don’t know what you think. From my experience, I have travel so many places around the world. But this place was the ultimate destination for my journey. I spend couples of days there.
At first, I visited this place for some kinds of business issue. But on that short time quick journey I just observe that this place can be my next visiting destination.
As soon as I finish some work I hurried to the Chiang Mai once again for a full tour and this time I experience the dreamy natural resources of this place.
In this content, I will share the top 2 things what I experience on this beautiful journey.

Bamboo Rafting
A whole new Experience for me. For being a city boy it was wonderful to experience the ancient ride. There were several opportunity for bamboo rafting for the tourist. From the pictures, you can easily see how much natural elements this place has!!! You can simply have the best floating experience as the river is kind of small and you can see natural beauties, trees and fell the nature very closely. The freshness and fresh-breath of the environment will offer you very enjoyable events. This is quite and calm adventure for being relaxed and riding it an ancient way. During the dry season (Jan-Feb) water levels are relatively low with only grade 2-3 rapids, but during the rainy season (Jun-Oct) higher water levels make for a more exciting grade 4-5 trip.

Visiting The Night Bazar
After you have finished the exciting adventure of Bamboo Rafting, have a quick nap and then visit the Night Bazar. The Night Bazar is world famous for having a lot of things. Also, it is one of the main attraction of Chiang Mai as Well as Thailand’s. The Bazar crowds most of the time for having a lot of useful items. So visiting it and collecting some rare item will be another step of your journey. There you will find many kinds of stalls what will give you many attractive things like a handmade wooden elephant, this product is so popular among the tourists and visitors.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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