Washington D.C. for The Exorcist Stairs

Honestly, this place just kept coming with the hits! I am a huge fan of old, corny horror films and so when I found out The Exorcist Stairs were also in D.C. I had to go. Though not really sure why I didn’t connect the dots when watching the movie considering they mention that fact. The place is not very hard to find considering I entered in “The Exorcist Steps” to my Google maps on my phone like a good millennial and Siri took me straight there. Admittedly, after walking to the top of the stairs to get a second photo looking down it I was ready to toss myself down them rather than walk back down. Holy hell are they steep! (Yes, that pun was intended) Even if you’re not a fan of horror movies specifically these stairs are still an iconic set from a very influential film. Just don’t jump down them.

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