Westport, WA, United States for Surfing and Chicken Strips

Washington State is known for almsot everything that is loosly related to surfing, like environmental consciousness, not going “too fast” or “worrying too much”, fish tacos, wearing flannel, the list goes on. But certainly not for the state’s costal waters’ surf scene. However, insert Westport, WA.

Westport is about a 2.5 hour drive from downtown Seattle, and once you pass Olympia it’s pretty damn beautiful so make sure to drink it in. Hell, bring a grain-free Luna bar for the ride and soak up the scenery, brah.

Our first stop is usually The Surf Shop (http://westportsurfshop.com) where anyone without a board can rent one and a wet suit, each for an incredibly reasonable rate of $15.

As far as accomodations go, this is very much a “locals” town. And I;m not talking about surf locals, becuase no one lives here specifically to surf. We’re talking fisherman. And the cool kind that smell like salmon, smoke Marb Reds and drink A LOT. Stay at any motel in town you want, they’ll all have a room or two for around $75/night. Or do like we do and camp if the weather is right at the Twin Harbor State Park. http://parks.state.wa.us/292/Twin-Harbors

I’d ask someone who looks like they know what a surfboard is where is having the best swell (best waves) when you roll into town, or ask the guys at the surf shop. They’ll send you to either The Jetty, The Groins, or The Cove. All have their own pros and cons, but the Jetty is where you want to head if you feel like you’ll be flailing around like a true Washingtonian on your surfboard. I’ve been in head-high surf at The Groins before, which was in January, and very, very hectic and cold. I’d suggest at least a 3/4 wetsuit if not a drysuit for any time of year in Westport.

Definitely head to Red Apple afterwards if it still exists. Get some chicken strips, a loaf of bread, and some sugary, unhealthy peanut butter. You’ll want to eat all of it as surfing takes in insane amount of energy and your body will be craving carbs and sugar. Trust me, it’s what you want. Maybe a 6 pack of Rainier Beer as that only seems natural.

Now take an instagram photo with you and your board and go home.

Insider Tip

There’s an old Sheriff’s patrol car parked on the way from the state park to the surf spots, with a dummy inside dressed as a cop. Creepy, funny, and worth a photo at least. Also, all surf shops are within 5 minutes of each other.

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